07 August 2023

Four surprising anti-doping facts

Anti-doping rules apply to us all. Find out what that means.
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31 July 2023

Second doping ban for NZ powerlifter

The Sports Tribunal of New Zealand has banned a powerlifter from all sport for seven years for anabolic steroids - the athlete's second doping ban.
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30 June 2023

Four-year doping sanction for bulk import of steroids

The Sports Tribunal of New Zealand has banned club cricket player Vaibhav Sharma from all sport for four years for the use and possession of eight steroids and an anabolic agent.
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22 March 2023

NZ distance runner faces 8-year ban for doping

A NZ distance runner has been banned from all sport for eight years following a positive test for Erythropoietin (EPO) and providing false documentation in his defence.
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27 January 2023


Steroids are banned in sport at all times. You can face severe penalties for having them, taking them, buying them or distributing them as per the Sports Anti-Doping Rules - which apply to everyone who plays sport, at all levels of competition.

It’s illegal to possess, use, import or supply steroids in Aotearoa New Zealand without a prescription.
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10 November 2022

Cassie Fien: How a supplement changed my life

Australian marathon runner Cassie Fien considers herself a “straighty 180”. A good person, who did everything above board. She was careful. She never imagined she’d find herself testing positive for a banned substance.
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21 August 2022

SARMS: Unsafe. Illegal. Banned in sport.

SARMs are banned in sport at all times. They have serious health consequences and are illegal in New Zealand. Taking SARMs can and does lead to sanctioning - but the greatest damage may be the devastating impact that using SARMs, or being sanctioned, can have on your health and wellbeing.
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24 February 2022

Supplements containing banned substances found in Consumer NZ investigation

Six sports supplements containing illegal drugs were discovered for sale in a number of supplement stores in Aotearoa New Zealand.
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