Speak Out

Report doping

Speak Out is a safe way for anyone involved in sport to share doping concerns in confidence.

Speaking out protects your sport for all athletes who train hard and fair.

You don’t need the full story. Even if it seems minor, please get in touch: we use every bit of information we receive.

It doesn't matter when, who or where. You can report something from the past, something happening now, or something someone intends to do in the future. It can be about athletes, coaches, team doctors, physios or, in some cases, parents of athletes. It can be something happening at home in NZ or overseas.

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Email us: [email protected]

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Speaking out


What to report

Contact us to report any doping concerns. You may:

  • be concerned about the behaviour or practices of an athlete, coach or support personnel;

  • suspect someone might be doping;

  • suspect somebody might be supplying banned substances;

  • have witnessed doping in sport;

  • have heard rumours about doping;

  • have been offered banned substances;

  • know of attempts to evade or tamper with the doping control process.

Examples of the things people report include:

  • being offered steroids over social media;

  • being offered unspecified vitamins by support personnel;

  • overhearing conversations or rumours about drug use in sport;

  • suspicions about sudden and dramatic increases in performance.


Using a banned substance is only one example of an anti-doping rule violation. Possessing a banned substance, giving drugs to another athlete or intentionally avoiding drug testers are also violations.

Want to know what else is banned in sport? Check out the Anti-Doping Rule Violations.


After you raise a concern

We use every piece of information we receive.

The concerns you report go directly to our Intelligence and Investigation team, who follow up the information you’ve shared. If you’ve included your contact details, we may contact you for more details. We may also conduct extra enquiries. Don’t worry – we’ll keep your details confidential.

Sometimes we can use the information you give us to launch an investigation. Other times, it may support existing information we’ve already collected. We may share info with our partner organisations (e.g. MedSafe) or other organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand or overseas. Even if we share your information with another organisation, we will not share your name or identifying details, unless we get your consent first or we are required to by law.


Keeping it confidential

We know that confidentiality is critical for those reporting doping concerns.

You don’t need to provide your name or personal details when you contact us. If you do, it’s helpful. It means we can get in touch with you to clarify what you’ve said and ask questions that can help us to uncover more information.

If you do leave your name, we won’t reveal it unless you give your express written consent or we’re required to do so by law.

Information we collect

If you provide it, we’ll collect:

  • Your name

  • Your contact details

  • Details relating to you that you include in your report or supporting materials

  • Details relating to you that you include in any follow-up correspondence

  • Personal information about other people in your report

We might add to any information you provide us through correspondence or from our own investigations.

Any personal info will be used mainly to communicate with you and to investigate the concerns in your report.

Read our Speak Out policy

Stand with champions

Stand with champions, not clowns

People who use banned substances to get ahead aren’t real athletes, and they aren’t welcome in Kiwi sport. Real athletes train hard and maintain their integrity. Dopers - like clowns - are in disguise. Though they might train hard, they're ultimately cheating to get ahead.

Speaking Out is a fundamental way for athletes, coaches, administrators and support teams to protect real athletes and the integrity of their sport. But that can be difficult if you don't know where to go. The 'Stand with champions' campaign aims to solve that by raising awareness of Speak Out among athletes and their support teams.