Anti-doping agency waits for more information on Chinese positive doping results

This article is from the archives. Drug Free Sport New Zealand has now transitioned into the Sport Integrity Commission Te Kahu Raunui.

Drug Free Sport New Zealand notes the recent media stories and statements relating to positive tests from Chinese swimmers in 2021 ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games. At a time when trust in the anti-doping system is being restored, it is of significant concern that these allegations have now arisen and that they relate to both a national anti-doping organisation and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) itself. 

There are questions about the approach of the Chinese National Anti-Doping Authority that need answers. There are also questions about the oversight of WADA, the global regulator on whom we all rely to maintain transparency and consistency. On all these, we await further investigation and information, particularly as it relates to the provisional suspension of athletes and the public reporting of violations - two important tenets of anti-doping work.

NZ athletes have the right to expect a strong and transparent anti-doping system that is applied consistently to all athletes, no matter what country they come from. Without that, we lose the spirit of sport, the fundamental principle of fair play, and the confidence of athletes and our sports-loving public.

We hold NZ athletes to very high standards of integrity and demand the same from our international counterparts.