Rule violation hearings

Hearings on anti-doping rule violations

The Sports Tribunal of New Zealand hears most New Zealand sports doping cases. The Tribunal is an independent body and the panel that considers the matter is made up of people from legal, medical and sporting backgrounds. The Tribunal will hold a hearing to consider a case against an athlete in which both sides get to present evidence. This will usually involve lawyers. The Tribunal has wide powers to inspect and examine documents and can require witnesses to attend hearings and produce documents or other material.

If you need legal advice or you’d like to appoint a lawyer, the Sports Tribunal has a Legal Assistance Panel through which you can access the services of an experienced sports lawyer on a low-cost or even free basis.

We offer financial support for those facing ADRV accusations - up to $2,000 towards legal fees - from our Legal Support Fund.

Once it’s heard the evidence from both parties, the Tribunal will make a decision. This won’t necessarily be given at the time of the hearing. The Tribunal will also determine the penalty to impose if it finds that an anti-doping rule violation has occurred.

The Tribunal usually posts its decision on its website and informs media of its decision. Decisions of the Sports Tribunal can be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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